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Thrive in bold, brazen, beauty

Untamed. Wild. Free

Unleash the secret of your beauty.

Your skin holds a secret—nature’s untamed beauty. You were born to embrace your skin, live in wonder, and thrive in bold, brazen beauty. 

Whether you’re splashing on sunkissed beaches or scaling mountains in the frosty wind, your skin deserves to shine. Conquer your skin’s imperfections and take back the power.


Meet Marina: Our founder

A Journey of Healing, Boldness, and Drive

Three things have always been true about Marina—she believes in solutions, she’s driven to find them, and she works to help others discover them. 

From a nurse on the ER floor to founding Skin Sauvage, Marina knows that life takes more than settling—it takes savvy, it takes confidence, and it takes being a little wild.


Pause Aging Skin. Reclaim Your Beauty.

Skin Sauvage’s products are designed to free your skin from imperfections and release the untamed beauty waiting underneath. Hold your head higher, walk with confidence, and lead with your fierce side.