Skin Sauvage was founded on the idea of healing, beauty, and fierce strength

A Call to Heal

I’m Marina Dedivanovic, founder of Skin Sauvage. For 14 years, I was a nurse at New York Presbyterian Hospital—the top hospital in New York City. (I was featured on ABC shows, NY Med and NY ER!)

My entire job was to help heal people, to fix their problems, and restore their bodies to a natural, healthy state. Eventually, I left behind nursing for other endeavors, but that spirit, that drive to heal and help, stuck with me.

So when life and age started to create wear and tear on my skin, causing wrinkles on my neck and chest, I knew that I could find a way to heal, repair, and restore my skin.  

Age and Beauty

Years of sleeping on my side, spending time in the sun, and just living life contributed to the wrinkles. It aged me beyond my years, threatening the lifetime of confidence and boldness I had created. 

Never one to give up, I started searching for different solutions. The more I researched, experimented, and explored the science behind skincare, the more I understood that imperfections are just obstacles that need to be overcome. 

Wrinkles, blemishes, acne, calluses—they’re barriers that hold us back from thriving in our beauty. They hold us back from the power we are destined for. 

But when you eliminate those barriers, you unleash your natural state of beauty. 

So I discovered the solutions—the gateway to wild, free skin. And I knew I had to share them with the world. 

I formed Skin Sauvage to heal, to fix the problems that come up with our skin, to give birth to fresh, new skin, so that you can live with confidence, vigor, and fierceness. 

Reignite untamed beauty. Reignite power and boldness. Reignite the wild wonder of youth.